Arashi Matsuda is the other samurai working under Itsuki Shinju. He is one of the protagonists of the story.


Arashi was an orphan since birth. He was found by his master who eventually trained him to become a samurai. He excelled in that art and lived far from the cities. He lived in Hokkaido with his master. His master stated that he taught Arashi the art of the sword so that he could protect himself when needed, but he forbade Arashi to stain his hands with blood. In due time, Arashi's master died, leaving him with nothing but his old house, a few swords and his principles.

One day, a a gourp of bandits attacked his home. He fought back, but didn't kill any of them, using only a wooden sword. The bandits beat him, and burned his house while he was still inside. He thought that he was going to die, and thought if this was what his master wanted; for him to fight until his last breath fighting for his principles. He managed to cling onto the few swords his master left to him.

But he didn't die. He was saved by Natzumi Kuroshika who happened to pass by. He asked her why she saved him to which she replied that the same bandits killed her brother-in-law and nephew. She said also said that, he was so young, and he hasn't experienced falling in love yet so she saved him. He laughed at that thought, saying that Natzumi was too simple minded. He continued training inside the Kuroshika residence. He developed a deep feeling of admiration for Natzumi. Once while they were walking along the mountains, he saved her from falling to the cliff when she missed her step. He said that it would be a shame if she dies, he wante to say that he loved her, but then she clung to him crying. She stated that she was afraid of dying, she was afraid of blood. She kept on apologizing and thanking him for saving her life. Arashi felt sorry for her and held her tightly.

One day he gave her a black hair ornament he made himself. He promised that he would protect her no matter what, he wouldn't let anyone hurt her in any way. Natzumi asked him why he was saying those things to her, he replied that he was in love. Natzumi, obviously misunderstood and didn't realize that Arashi was refering to her, she thought he was refering to someone else, thus she adviced him to say it to the girl before he looses her. Arashi smiled, deciding to tell Natzumi how he felt for her. The next day however, Natzumi was kidnapped by the bandits who beat him up. He went after them, he took the katana his master forbade him to touch. He found them eating and merrymaking, while Natzumi was tied onto a pole. Without thinking, he killed all of them. He was horrified how he killed them because of his anger. He brought Natzumi back to her sister and left for Kyoto, thinking that he wasn't stong enough to protect Natzumi without killing anyone. He left while Natzumi was still sleeping, knowing that Natzumi's tears would be enough to keep him there.

He managed to get to Kyoto, with the little money his master gave him. He got to Kyoto, but he wasn't able to get a job easily because he was a stranger. Once again he found himself on the brink of death, this time his savior was the current daimyo, Itsuki Shinju. He agreed to become a samurai to hone his skills and become stronger. He fought with Horodo Tatsumaki, and at first thought that Tatsumaki was stronger than him. But he easily beat Tasumaki. He forsook the company of women, swearing that only Natzumi can have his heart. Though, it didn't seem to be the problem because he wasn't interested in any woman in Kyoto. He said that he didn't want to loose focus of his goal (which was becoming stronger to be able to protect Natzumi), thus he avoided women. Shinju became very concerned about it, so he continually reminded Arashi about it. Because of his extraordinary skills and accuracy, a lot feared him. He became exceedingly exceptional with his sword, and he became the main reason why Shinju became a very powerful daimyo.

Soon, he was stationed at the eastern part of Shinju's land in Kyoto. He supervised the workers and helped them whenever needed. Shinju promised him that he would send a trained geisha to him. Despite the fact that he said that he didn't need one, Shinju insisted to send him one.

He was overjoyed to see Natzumi standing in front of his doorway, but was saddened by the fact that she became a geisha and she didn't seem to remember who he was. But she still had the hair ornament he made for her a few years ago. He acted like he didn't know her as well, but his heart was rejoicing to see her again. That very night he asked her to pour sake for him, he asked her if she was mad at him, to which she replied that she wasn't. He explained that he couldn't talk to her because he thought she was mad at him (the truth is, he couldn't talk to her because she doesn't seem to remember him), to which Natzumi replied that he told her to stay out of his way. He explained that he was the same as Tatsumaki; his weakness is also women (particularly, Natzumi). Natzumi is caught by surprise and drops the sake bottle. She immediately tired to clean it, but Arashi intervenes saying that she shouldn't worry about it. Natzumi states that he might get injured by the pieces, Arashi said that he is a warrior and is used to getting injured, likewise, he believes that a gentle woman like Natzumi hasn't been injured in any way. Arashi also stated that he didn't want to see her hurt, like back then in Hokkaido, when the bandits kidnapped her. Natzumi refrained from Arashi's gaze and proceeded to clean the mess. It was then that Arashi embraced her and said "I've waited for someone like you... to fill the gap inside my lonely heart..." Natzumi breaks down and weeps saying "I don't want to be the cause of your downfall... so please..." Arashi states that there is nothing for her to worry about, he will shoulder all of the sins.

The next day, Shinju visited, much to Arashi and Natzumi's distress. They knew that if Shinju were to find out of their relationship, Arashi would be dismissed of his position as samurai. Although it seemed that Shinju knew about it, he didn't mind it. Natzumi quickly showed the intention of leaving, but Arashi said that she shouldn't worry about him. He could see the reluctancy of Natzumi to stay with him, so he beggs her while holding her hand saying that he will be sad without her. As she fell asleep, he states that everything that is happening is her fault, for turning his life upside down, but it made him happy again.

The next day, early in the morning Shinju and Tatsumaki visited him. Shinju stated that he was dismissing Arashi as his samurai for getting involved with a geisha. Shinju showed him a small way out, if only he could deny that he loved Natzumi then he would be safe. But he fearlessly admitted that he did love Natzumi with all of his heart. Before he left, he warned Tatsumaki, who will replace him, not to harm Natzumi in any way. Even when he was ordered to leave, he didn't leave the dojo. He heard Natzumi scream for help that night and immediately ran to her aid. He fought Tatsumaki until he stabbed his foot. He stated that he had no intention of killing Tatsumaki, but he warned him not to interfere anymore. He and Natzumi turned their backs at him, and Arashi planned to tell Natzumi about their past. But then, Tatsumaki stabbed his arm and planned to kill him. Once again, he faced certain death. He thought that it would be better for him to die, while he protected Natzumi. But once again he evaded death. Natzumi took the deathly blow for him. He became horrified with what happened, and like before he wildly swung his sword, injuring Tatsumaki's legs.

He craddled Natzumi in his arms and tried to stop the bleeding, and live with her. But the wound was too deep, as Natzumi died she told Arashi to never cry for her. She also stated that her heart will always be with Arashi, like before, suggesting that she has regained her memories. Tatsumaki performed harakiri/seppuku on himself. Arashi kissed Natzumi's cold lips and called out her name for the last time.

He returned to serving the daimyo, making the most of the life that Natzumi saved. He thanked Shinju for allowing him to be with his first love once again. He faithfully served Shinju and trained his two sons. After some time, he stepped down from serving the daimyo and went back to Hokkaido. He went back to the house where he first saw Natzumi, and where she was buried. Before he died, he saw Natzumi greeting him "Welcome home..." then he takes her outstretched hand and dies. Natzumi's name was the last word on his lips.


Arashi has medium height. He wore a black hakama and a very pale yellow robe. He is right handed, like most of the samurais. He has somewhat messy black hair that he had ever since he was a kid.

Arashi appears very aloof towards others. He would never complain about his missions regarding murder. He would effortlessly and fawlessly kill his targets no matter who they may be. However as a kid he was very cheerful, though he didn't smile a lot, he wasn't reserved about his feelings. He decided to reserve his feelings for his one and only goal: to be strong enough to protect Natzumi without killing anyone. Even though he killed a lot of people, he strongly believes in the principles of his master. There are also times when he can be naiive especially when it comes to enfrocing his principles to other people.


Kuroshika Natzumi - She was his first love, the reason why he ventured all the way to Kyoto. He felt guilty killing a few men for her safety, indicating that he was weak. He felt mixed emotions when he saw Natzumi standing in front of him as a geisha. Even when she died, he remained loyal to her.

Horodo Tatsumaki - Though they are obvvious parallels, Arashi treats Tatsumaki as a dummy he can train. He doesn't look at Tatsumaki as someone important. But he hated him when Tatsumaki plotted against him. Despite putting Natzumi in danger, he didn't kill Tatsumaki hoping that Tatsumaki would realize his mistakes, but sadly that cost Natzumi her life.

Itsuki Shinju - Shinju is the only person (aside from Natzumi) who Arashi is truly loyal to. Arashi decided to serve Shinju in order to continue living and in order to train as well. He is deeply grateful for the thing Shinju has done for him.

Dedication Edit

This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Matsuda Arashi without any complains and reservations. I dedicate this page to Jayson Cabalida.

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