Kuroshika Mimi is the elder sister of Kuroshika Natzumi.


Mimi is the eldest daughter of the Kuroshika family, but is the third child of their family. Her two brothers were always helping out their father in the field. Mimi was left to care for two younger siblings and the youngest daughter, Natzumi. At a very early age, Mimi was exposed to the many responsibilities she has. Her mother worked along her father in the field and she was left to take care of her three younger siblings. Soon, her mother died due to an assault on their farm. Her mother was the left in the field when her father was negotiating with their clients, a group of bandits attacked the field and her mother was killed. Since then, Mimi practically became the mother of her siblings. More and more sufferings awaited her young life when her father got involved in a quarrel with the same group of bandits that killed her mother. The bandits targeted her father's clients one by one, then they cornered him mentally and killed him. She and the ones left of her family, moved to obscurity. Sha married a local there, and they had four children. Her happiness was short-lived though, all of her brothers were killed by the bandits, but she, her children, and Natzumi were spared by them. Her husband came back, only to see the horror that his children saw. Once again they moved to another area, but the bandits found them and killed her husband and two of her children. Mimi and Natzumi were like defenseless infants out in the cold. They found shelter in the most secluded place, Mimi held her sanity together, even through all of the horror she has experienced. She tended to the burns and wounds of the young Matsuda Arashi, when Natzumi brought him home. She was relieved to see that her sister was happy despite of all of the painful memories they had. Arashi stayed with them for quite some time. Mimi was the first one to sense that Arashi was developing feelings for Natzumi, and she greatly supported this. She would support Arashi when he tries to win Natzumi, but her efforts were in vain as Natzumi was absolutely oblivious of the boy's feelings for her.

For some time, Mimi was at rest as she saw that they were living in peace. But once again her life was shattered when Natzumi was kidnapped by the same group of bandits that made her life miserable. Arashi immediately showed the interest tov save her. Mimi was left to take care of her children and anxiously await Arashi and Natzumi's return. Arashi came home, in a really pitiable state. Natzumi was on his back and he was covered in blood. Arashi announced that he was going to leave. Mimi would not allow him, saying that she'll tend to his injuries first. Arashi stated that the stain on his clothes didn't belong to him, he told Mimi to take care of Natzumi.

When Natzumi awakened, Mimi realized that Natzumi had amnesia. Mimi decided not to tell Natzumi about all of the painful memories that they experienced. They continued living peacefully knowing that Arashi disposed of the bandits that caused them sorrow.

Soon however, food and many other resources became scarce. Mimi and Natzumi did everything they could to survive, but it was in vain. On a cold winter's night, Mimi's children died from the cold, and Mimi herself forfeited the will to live. Natzumi stated that she will not die without a fight, and tried to persuade Mimi to join her to Kyoto. But Mimi said that she doesn't care about living anymore. Natzumi left half-heartedly. Mimi stated that only a lonely life will await Natzumi in Kyoto.

Although it seems that Mimi died, she, as a matter of fact, survived. The true leader of the bandits found her pitiable state and decided to take care of her. Although at first Mimi refused their help and almost died because of a fever, she soon became fond of the leader who took care of her. She loved him, and he retunred the feelings. During that time, Mimi forgot all of her previous responsibilities and married the man she loved. She lived the peaceful life she hadn't known since her mother died.


Mimi was a very sinple and plain girl. She wore a green kimono and a white sash. She also wore a violet belt to keep her kimono closed. She always kept her hair neatly in a bun. Mimi was very calm and collected, she was the typical mother figure to her siblings and to her children. She rarely speaks out her own thoughts, except when she really wants to have things her way, like when Natzumi was persuading her to leave Hokkaido and go to Kyoto. Mimi can also handle very stressful situations with effortless ease, though deep inside she is already experiencing loneliness and turmoil. Mimi can also be quite supportive, especially when it concerns her sister, showed as when Arashi would try to win Natzumi's feelings. When her feelings got the best of her, Mimi wanted nothing but death, she even refused to eat when the leader of the bandits tried to feed her. She suffered from fever and spoke in her dream while she slept, saying that she wanted to live. She got her wish and was happy until she died.


Matsuda Arashi - Mimi tended to his wounds when Natzumi brought him home injured. She bacame concerned with him seeing that he has become a warrior at such a young age, but she supported him nonetheless, knowing that Arashi chose that path for himself. Mimi was also aware of Arashi's feelings for Natzumi and supported him when he tried to win Natzumi's feelings. Unfortunately, Natzumi was completely oblivious of the situation and thought of it as a joke. Although Arashi returned to Hokkaido, Mimi never saw him again.

Kuroshika Natzumi - She is Mimi's only living relative. Mimi has always treated Natzumi as an immature little girl that can never grow up without her help. She took care of Natzumi and protected her no matter what the cost. Although she didn't care about Natzumi when she left for Kyoto, because she was overwhelmed by the death of her children. Ever since they parted ways, Mimi never heard annything about her sister. When she married the leader of the bandits, she investigated what happened to Natzumi in Kyoto, and was devastated to find out that Natzumi was dead, but was happy for her nonetheless.

Dedication Edit

This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Kuroshika Mimi spectacularly. I dedicate this page to Lorinelle Morena.

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