Itsuki Shinju is the current daimyo of Kyoto at the time of the story.


Shinju came from a poor family of farmers that served the previous daimyo. His family was mistreated by the previous daimyo. HIs father endured all of the hardships, until he died. On his deathbed, he told Shinju to surpass the current daimyo and avenge him. He told Shinju to utilize geishas to destroy his competitors, saying that women is the greatest weakness of men. He also told Shinju to forbid any relationship between his samurai and his geisha.

He met with Horodo Tatsumaki when he was promoted to the position of samurai. Tatsumaki stated that he would be willing to serve under Shinju forever lif he could become the daimyo. Shinju knew that Tatsumaki was just fooling around, but he was willing to hope that he would become the daimyo of Kyoto.

He soon met the love of his life Sakaki. She was the daimyo's daughter, and he was positioned as his bodyguard. A lot of men wooed Sakaki, hoping to become the daimyo's son-in-law. But the daimyo did not like it, he knew that whoever would marry Sakaki would overrule him and become the next daimyo. He ordered Shinju to kill Sakaki a deed that Shinju was not able to do. He had fallen for Sakaki, and instead of killing her he hid her from the daimyo's eyes. He promised her that he would never let her die. Sakaki questioned his motive, he answered that she would never believe or listen to him, but his heart was hers. Sakaki believed his words, but had no chance to show it.

Shinju killed Sakaki's father, he brought her back to the dojo, knelt before her and said that she was now free. He said that he would continue serving and protecting her until his last breath. Sakaki took his hands and said that she has found the new daimyo. They married shortly afterwards, and he became the new daimyo.

He took care of his niece, Aoi when his sister and his brother-in-law died. Aoi volunteered to become one of the geishas that he will use to conquer his competitors. He was saddened when Aoi came back two months after her training, for she was not the cheerful young lady he knew. She became cold and calculating. She trained the other geishas, and was the first to fell one of Shinju's competitors.

He met with Tatsumaki once again and like what he vowed before, Tatsumaki served under Shinju. Shinju met with Arashi, who was dying of staravtion. He immediately saw the difference between both of them. He found out that Arashi was stronger than Tatsumaki. He made Arashi his personal bodyguard, since he vowed to never hold a sword again, while he placed the geishas under Tatsumaki's care.

When only two competitors remained, he stationed Tatsumaki in his land in the west, while Arashi in the east. He told Arashi, not to disregard women, because they can become his ultimate weakness. Arashi states that he isn't disregarding them, he just doesn't want to loose his focus, something that Shinju can't understand.

After a few months, he had his last visit with Aoi. He was quite surprised to find out that Aoi took in another trainee. Intrigued, he asked her the reason behind it, to which Aoi said that the trainee she took had some potential. He was surprised to find out that Aoi didn't want to present her to Tasumaki. He let Aoi do as she wishes. He was saddened when he found out that Aoi was dead. He harbored hatred towards Tatsumaki, knowing that it was him who killed her. He planned to dismiss Tatsumaki from his position.

He visited Arashi after finding out that Tatsumaki sent a geisha to him. He noticed how Arashi changed, he knew that Arashi has admitted his mistake. He decided to leave Arashi alone, and to disregard the rule his father gave to him. However, he found out that Tatsumaki planned sending Natzumi to Arashi to destroy his reputation, and dismiss him as a samurai. Shinju has no choice but to dismiss Arashi and replace him with Tatsumaki. He planned to bring Natsumi with him to his dojo. He originally planned to give Arashi and Natzumi his blessing, send them faraway from Tatsumaki, and let them live happily. But he couldn't find Natzumi in the dojo. He came back to his dojo, frustrated. He was able to save the other geishas except Natzumi, but he knew that Arashi would not leave Natzumi there.

Once again he was saddened that Natzumi died. He felt sorry for Arashi, and apologized for being an irresponsible daimyo. Arashi thanked Shinju for letting him be with his first love once again. Arashi explained that he met Natzumi a few years back, and she was the one he was focusing on. Arashi told Shinju that he wanted to continue serving him. Shinju allowed some of the geishas to return to their lives if they wanted to.

Soon, Sakaki bore him some children. Two boys, who became Arashi's subordinates, and a girl who became the overseer of her brothers.

He died after conquering Kyoto. Before he died, he gave Arashi permission to leave. His elder son, succeeded him as daimyo, and his other son became a high ranking official.


Shinju is relatively small for a daimyo, he has calloused hands from working in the farm since he was born. When he became a samurai of the daimyo, he wore a white hakama, and a red robe. He kept his sword at the left side of his waist, because of his right-handedness. When he became the daimyo, he wore a red hakama and a pale blue robe. He also stopped carrying a sword, because his right hand could no longer carry one.

Shinju is a generally serious person. He is also hardworking and can easily adapt to various situations. He however, is wery kind towards Sakaki. Ever since he met Sakaki, he developed a soft side. He is also extremely protective of Sakaki. He is reserved towards Tatsumaki, because He knows that Tasumaki will never understand what being a samurai means. He exhibits the polar opposite of his treatment of Tatsumaki with Arashi. He is always concerned about Arashi's wellfare. Alike Sakaki, he is very protective towards his niece, Aoi. He was the first one to disagree when Aoi said that she wanted to be a geisha, and was deeply saddened when Aoi was killed by Tatsumaki. He was against the rule created by his father, and did whatever it took to hide the fact that Arashi was in love with Natzumi. He is a also a very sentimental person. He easily gets saddened by the fact that the people around him are unhappy with the outcome of his desicions and actions.

He is a very dedicated father, and a loyal husband to Sakaki. While dying, he apologized to Sakaki for being such a dependent husband. Nonetheless he died peacefully, and without any regrets whatsoever.


Itsuki Sakaki - She provided Shinju the support he needed to become a powerful daimyo. As his wife, she provided him comfort, support and pleasure as well. As the daughter of the previous daimyo, her husband had the right to become a daimyo if he wishes to be.

Omaru Aoi - She is the daughter of Shinju's younger sister, and is his niece. To Shinju, she is the only family member he has left. She was stongly protected by Shinju, because he feared that he would loose her too. He spent much time with her before she trained to be a geisha, but she became cold and withdrawn towards him. Shinju was deeply saddened, but was happy for Aoi. When she died he was deeply depressed and he began to blame himself for his misfortunes.

Horordo Tatsumaki - Though Shinju and Tatsumaki were not very close, Tatsumaki served as a personal bodyguard of Shinju. He knew that Tatsumaki was obsessed with his niece and decided to degrade his morals. However in the end, he decided to put him in charge of the geishas, allowing him torecover some of his morals. He has resented Tatsumaki ever since he started serving Shinju.

Matsuda Arashi - He became Shinju's most excellent samurai. Shinju saw himself in Arashi when he was the same age. He became deeply concerned with him especially when he noticed that Arashi paid no regard to women. He repeatedly reminded Arashi not to heartlessly disregard them, to which Arashi would reply that he must focus on his goals (which was Natzumi). Shinju tried to soften him up nonetheless.

Dedication Edit

This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Itsuki Shinju without causing any trouble to anyone. I deidcate this page to Sheen Kayper Sanz.

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