Itsuki Sakaki is Itsuki Shinju's wife. She also trained some of the previous geishas that served under the daimyo.


Sakaki is the daughter of the previous daimyo that Shinju replaced. All of her brothers died during their battles with the other daimyos. Their social status rose sky-high, but her father mistreated her and her mother as a result. Her father tried to create a male heir through many different concubines. But to his dismay, he wasn't able to concieve because he was already barren. As a result, Sakaki was locked inside her room, and was forced to concieve and heir with one of her cousins. Sakaki was mentally and physically abused by her family, and was the cause of her suicidal attempts. She would lock her room from the inside and came close to insanity when her mother died. During those dark times of her life, she was confined inside her room.

Soon, her father employed Itsuki Shinju, the one who would soon be her husband and the daimyo. She saw him from the small hole in her room, and at that instant she became interested with him. She went out of her room and revealed herself to be the daimyo's daughter. While she was locking herself in her room, her father decided to continue ruling as a daimyo. However, Sakaki was wooed by many men, her father forbade her from marrying them, but Sakaki herself had no interest with them. Her eyes were only caught by Shinju.

Her father became exeedingly corrupt and came to the point of insanity where he almost killed every single person working for them. She was rescued by Shinju from her father's wrath. He explained that the farmers have been planning a coup against her father all along. When he saved her, he also said that he had fallen for her, but it didn't matter if she was disgusted by him. She didn't have the chance to explain herself, because Shinju left. She could only hope and pray that Shinju would come back alive.

She became extremely happy when Shinju came back alive. He knelt in front of her and said that he will ocntinue serving and protecting her. Sakaki used the opportunity to tell him how she really feels about him by proclaiming him as the new daimyo of their lands. Shortly thereafter, Sakaki married Shinju, and because of her, he became a very powerful daimyo.

During the time many men wooed her, she recieved geisha training from a woman named Kotatsu. She did it underground so that no one would know. Her training became one of the essential factors so that Shinju would become a powerful daimyo. She recruited homeless women who came to Kyoto, trained them and turned them into geishas. She trainhed a few then Shinju made her stop. Aoi wanted to become one of her apprentices, but Sakaki declined, saying that Aoi didn't need to be a geisha. Aoi insisted saying that she can't just sit back while her uncle, Shinju, who has done so much for her, is working so hard to become a powerful daimyo. Aoi also said that she wants to repay Shinju for taking her under his wing despite having other priorities in life. Sakaki saw the impossibility of discouraging her, so she made sure Aoi was ready before placing Aoi under Kotatsu's care. She and Shinju were deeply saddened when Aoi came back after a few months. Aoi changed everything about her, even her very personality was changed within the few months she was gone. Sakaki blamed herself for the outcome of Aoi's trainning. Shinju comforted her, saying that he is also to blame because he wasn't strong enough to make sure that Aoi didn't need to do anything for him. Aoi stated that she wanted to become a geisha not only to help Shinju but also to help herself. Her last trainee was Nokumada Ritsu. Due to the incident between her and Horodo Tatsumaki, Sakaki began to look at Tatsumaki as a threat. Though she didn't show it, she didn't like Tatsumaki.

Sakaki fulfilled her duties as Shinju's wife and as his personal geisha. She would calm Shinju and remind him that he has two excellent samurais and eight remaining excellent geishas. Only to her would Shinju yield to relaxation. She was intrigued when Aoi took another subordinate after the Miyamoto sisters. She blamed herself many times when Aoi died by Tatsumaki's hand. Because of that incident, she along with Shinju evacuated the other remaining geishas to the personal dojo of the daimyo. Karakisawa Hanami became her apprentice for a short time, because Sakaki claimed that she needed a warm up. She became worried when Natzumi was left in the dojo at the east (knowing that Tatsumaki was also there).

After Natzumi's death, Shinju released some of their geishas, allowing them to live their lives the way they want to. Most of them stayed working as housekeepers. Sakaki retired from her giesha duties when the giesha system of Shinju disbanded.

She gave birth to three children, two boys and a girl, Itsuki Akane. Both of her boys were carefully trained by Matsuda Arashi, who decided to stay with them after Natzumi's death. Her daughter was cared for by the geishas who stayed with them. She concentrated on helping Shinju keep the peace in the lands.

Whne Shinju was dying, she was beside him until his last breath. Shinju apologized for being such a dependent husband to her. Sakaki said that she loved serving him in every aspect, she also confessed that she hated his low self-esteem that she constantly needed to boost for him. She told him how he rescued her from the darkness of her life. She was grieved when Shinju died, but her sons needed her. She quickly recovered from her grief and assisted her sons. However, her son was killed by a traitor among his men. Her other son was killed during his battle with the rebels. She, Akane, and the remaining geishas ran into hiding. She apologized for bringing them down, and leading them into hiding.

She died days before Akane got married due to a terminal illness. Her last words were an apology for Akane, saying that she wasn't able to attend her marriage ceremony. She also told Akane not to cry because she (Sakaki) will tell her father and brothers how beautifully she (Akane) has grown.


Sakaki wore a pale blue kimono when before she got married to Shinju. She had a pink belt to keep it closed, her hair long black hair that reached to her waist was neatly placed behind her shoulders. When she got married she wore a fucshia robe and a white belt to keep it closed. She arranged her hair geisha style, she wore a white hair ornament. She keeps a pink fan inside her belt. She didn't change her attire even when she died.

Sakaki is a very rebellious child, probably due to the fact that her father has been opressing her. She is very sensitive as a child and can fool others easily. Despite her gentle and lady-like appearance, Sakaki is very cunning and can make schemes that can fool anyone. Shinju would always turn to her for help and she would craft a plan for him, so cunning that no one would ever suspect that Shinju was behind it. Sakaki can easily calm Shinju down. In addition to her brains, Sakaki is also an excellent fan dancer. She trained under Kotatsu for a few weeks to be a proffesional fan dancer.


Itsuki Shinju - Sakaki fell for him the very first time she saw him. She saw that he could become a candidate for daimyo. She was determined to make him a daimyo no matter what her father said. She is the brains behind all of Shinju's victories. She merely listened to the final commands of Shinju's father. She utilized the geishas she trained to kill the other opossing daimyos.

Karakisawa Hanami - She became the last apprentice of Sakaki. Although Hanami was taught only for a while, she easily leanred the skills Sakaki taught her. She was one of the geishas who tearfully left Sakaki and her family. Her son became the husband of Sakaki's granddaughter.

Omaru Aoi - Sakaki met Aoi when she was still a headstrong girl. Sakaki played an important role in Aoi's training, Sakaki was the one who introduced Aoi to Kotatsu so that she could be a geisha. After Aoi's training Sakaki was devastated to see that Aoi has completely changed into a different person. She continued to be Aoi's sisterly figure nontheless.

Nokumada Ritsu - Ritsu was Sakaki's first apprentice. She became an excellent geisha, but sadly her skills were wasted when Tatsumaki left her inside a room. Sakaki was saddened by the fact that she wasn't able to protect her most prized apprentice. She was relieved when she found out that someone else was taking care of her beloved apprentice in her stead. Ritsu was one of the geishas that stayed in the dojo to take care of Sakaki's daughter.

Dedication Edit

This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Itsuki Sakaki like a real professional. I dedicate this page to Joren Faye Logronio.

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