Iruzawa Azune is one of the geishas serving under the fictional daimyo Itsuki Shinju.


Azune came from a well-off family. She was the only female child of their family. However, due to financial problems, her family was forced to sell her to Miyamoto Haruka. She met with Mikenda Itsuru and they instantly became friends.

After some time, Azune was personally trained by Miyamoto Haruka. She along with Itsuru were among the few Haruka trained. After a few months, Azune and Itsuru became fully fledged geishas, serving under the daimyo. She and Itsuru would do missions together, such as assasination of the opposing daimyos. She and Itsuru were like sisters. They took care of Ritsu after her accident with Tatsumaki.

After Natzumi's death, Shinju presented all of them with a choice: continue serving him as housekeepers and no longer geishas or go back to their old lives and make the most of it. Azune knew that her family would never accept her, and there was nowhere for her to go anymore. She, along with Itsuru and Ristu decided to stay with the daimyo as housekeepers.

Soon, her family sent for her, saying that her husband is waiting for her. Azune found out that once again, her parent ssold her to someone she didn't know. Her father practically dragged her out of the dojo. Itsuru told Azune's father that he had no right to take Azune after abandoning her. Azune's father threw a fit at Itsuru and said that it was Azune's reponsibility to shoulder the family problems since she is the ony one left in the family to fend for it. Azune stated that ever since her father sold her to Haruka, she was deprived of all responsibility to fend for the Iruzawa family. She said that since she ws no longer his daughter, he can no longer hold her responsible for keeping the Iruzawa alive. Her father left her cursing her as he left.

After some time, Azune and Itsuru fell in love for the same man. At first she was reluctant to entertain the man simply because she knew that Itsuru loved him as well. Itsuru became angry at Azune for holding back, Itsuru said that the man loves Azune, so Azune should accept his love and love him back with all her heart. Azune decided to leave the dojo, Itsuru and Ritsu as well. She said her last goodbyes to her family in the dojo and went off to live with her husband.

For the rest of her life she succumbed with an illness. Though she was able to give her husband two children, a boy and a girl, she died early and it caused the grief of her husband.


Azune wears a yellow kimono with purple and pink floral designs, a white belt keeps her kimono closed. She has a purple hair ornament she acquired when she became a fully fledged giesha. She has medium height and has fair complexion. She is ususaly seen holding a purple fan, and when she goes out of the dojo she wears a purple shawl.

Azune is very cheerful and welcoming, as seen when Natzumi addressed them formally. She loves having new companions. She is like a sister to all geishas, because they all became geishas after her. She is very protective towards Ritsu and Itsuru. Despite her cheerfulness, Azune is very sad and lonely. She would often have nightmares about her family. She overcame her loneliness when Itsuru became her friend. She inherited her ilness from her mother, and luckily none of her children inherited it from her.

As a geisha, Azune can wield a sword very efficiently, though not as skilled as a samurai. She was taught by Haruka basic skills and self defense. She often used those skills to kill the daimyo assigned to her mission. Though she has killed many people, she isn't affected by it emotionally.


Mikenda Itsuru - They met even before they became geishas. They shared many similar traits, and they easily related to one another. They are like sisters, and are rarely seen apart.

Nokumada Ritsu - Both Itsuru and Azune treat Ritsu as their younger sister. Azune and Itsuru are the only ones who took care of Ritsu after she was incapacitated and could no longer become a geisha.

Dedication Edit

This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Iruzawa Azune intelligently. I dedicate this page to Alexa Rae Advincula.

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