Horodo Tatsumaki is the main antagonist of the Japanese inspired play Uragiri to Unmei. He is a samurai serving under the fictional daimyo of Kyoto, Itsuki Shinju


Tatsumaki came from a wealthy family. The Horodo clan disowned him because his mother died while she was giving birth to him. HIs father gave him the name "Tatsumaki" meaning "tornado", saying that he was the tornado that snatched the only woman he ever loved. He spent the few years of his life with his family, but left soon afterwards because he became tired of seeing the faces of the women inside their house.

He met the young Itsuki Shinju while he was still a farmer working for the former daimyo. Tatsumaki said that if ever Itsuki would become the daimyo, he would serve under him forever, he meant this as a joke, seeing that someone as weak as Shinju would never replace a daimyo.

Tatsumaki soon met a samurai who ultimately became his master. He learned quickly, but had no regard for the bushido. He killed his master when they had an arguement about his desire for women.

He soon met with Shinju when he became a fully fledged samurai. He met with Matsuda Arashi, and at that instant he challenged him to a duel. He felt that Arashi was superior to him and wanted to verify it. He and Arashi a had a duel, which ended in a draw. He then saw Arashi as his equal.

He and Arashi served under Shinju for many years. For so many years he saw Arashi only as his equal. But Shinju began to favor Arashi, by giving him missions that gave him so much credit. Matsuda made a name for himself, while Tatsumaki was left to safeguard Shinju. Because of this, he vowed to show Shinju that Arashi is no different from him.

He met Aoi Omaru and the Miyamoto sisters right after their training. He became obsessed with Aoi, but became frustrated to the point of insanity. Aoi was Shinju's niece and was an oiran, he could not have her even if he wanted to. Shinju, seeing his obsession with women, made him in charge of the new geishas. The new geishas would present themselves to him, go to bed with him if he wanted.

He soon met with Nokumada Ristu. She was was the one he was least interested in. He left her inside the room while she was being presented to him. She had a nervous breakdown and she accidentally felled the candle beside her. She was locked inside the burning room, and lost the ability to speak. Aoi held him responsible for the incident.

When Kuroshika Natzumi came to the dojo, he became particularly interested in her. Aoi herself decided to teach and train her. He eagerly anticipated for her to be presented to him, while he planned to destroy Arashi. However, Aoi herself stood between him and Natzumi. He confronted her one night after she forbade Natzumi to leave the dojo. He was aroused by Aoi's coldness towards him and almost couldn't help himself. Aoi said that if he killed her, he would loose his honor and dignity, knowing that it would be unhonorable for a samurai to kill an innocent civilian. He threatened to take her dignity as well and Aoi socked his head, he felt hate and ran her through his sword. The next morning, he revealed that he killed Aoi, but twisted the story, saying that Aoi begged him to kill her.

Shortly he sent, Natzumi to the dojo where Matsuda was staying in, knowing that she would be too attractive for him to pass. Within three days he reported Natzumi and Arashi's "affair". Shinju's father made a rule for all to follow: the geishas and the samurais serving under them must never have any kind of interaction. Shinju had no choice but to replace Arashi with Tatsumaki. Arashi knew that he was behind all of it, he warned Tatsumaki not to hurt Natzumi. Tatsumaki dismissed Arashi saying that it wasn't his fault that Natzumi was a whore.

He attempted to rape Natzumi, something that he wanted to do for so long. But Arashi came in time to save Natzumi from his claws. They battled, but this time Arashi bested him, stabbing his leg, immobilizing him. Arashi stated that he had no intention of klling Tatsumaki, on the condition that he wouldn't hurt Natzumi anymore. When they tunred their backs at him he wounded Arashi's arm and attempted to stab him, but Natzumi blocked his sword with her body, and died in Arashi's stead. Arashi stabbed both his legs, making him truly immobile now. He performed harakiri on himself, knowing that Shinju would leave him for dead it he still lived.


Tatsumaki is tall, and fit. He always wore a dull gray hakama and a bluegreen robe. Like Shinju and Arashi, he is right-handed. Most of the times he wears a brown vest over his robe.

Shinju himself describes Tatsumaki as a pervert. Since he was a kid, the women of the Horodo clan entertained him, thinking that he would be the successor of the Horodo dojo. But soon he dismissed all of them, saying that he is sick and tired of seeing their faces. He fell for Aoi since the first time he saw her, but also fell in love with Haruka Miyamoto. He was frustrated to find out that both Haruka and Aoi were geishas serving the daimyo. He feels extreme hate towards both Arashi and Shinju, for reducing him to nothing but junk. He was disappointed with the other geishas that were presented to him. When he died he stated that he will be waiting for Arashi in hell.


Miyamoto Haruka - Though it was not very obvious, Haruka is actually Tatsumaki's lover. Tatsumaki was so depressed when he realized that his dream (Aoi) could never be realized and decided to move on with Haruka. Haruka believed that Tatsumaki deserved a second chance and agreed to become his lover. Their relationship quckly ended when Kuroshika Natzumi came to the dojo. She became cautious of him from then on, and she severed all bonds she ever had with him.

Omaru Aoi - She was his first love. He saw Aoi only after her training to become a geisha. He fell in love with her at the instant and wanted to have her. Unfortunately, Aoi lost all interest in men after becomng a geisha. He was frustrated over Aoi for the rest of his life.

Itsuki Shinju - As youths, they had a very bleak vision of the future. He said that he would pledge his loyalty to Shinju would he become a daimyo. He deeply resented Shinju when he separated Aoi from him, and when he was reduced to nothing but a bodyguard while Arashi made a name for himself. He never regarded Shinju as someone superior to him, he often looked down on Shinju (mainly because Shinju was smaller than him).

Matsuda Arashi - He always viewed Arashi as someone inferior to him. He treated him bitterly, but felt more inferior because Arashi had no regard for Tatsumaki's reactions about him.


This page is dedicated to the one who portrayed Horodo Tatsumaki confidently and truthfully. I dedicate this page to John Kenneth Patrivo.

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